Ness is 13 [one week off his 14 birthday] year old boy and main character in the game Mother 2/Earthbound


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Ness live in a suburbs of Onett with is younger sister Tracy,slay-at-home mother, hard working father and is old dog King also he is a very skilled baseball player and wear baseball cap all but one sprites with his primary weapon being a baseball bat. In words of his mother Ness is a courageous,strong boy, and has a very good relationship with his entire family.

However Ness is far for average because he has telepathic power he can communicate to animals, some plants and non-human with ease and telekinetic power PSI/PK moves.

At the beginning of Ness's journey he is having a sound sleep but is awoke by a impact by a meteorite he goes to investigate but the police are blocking it Ness met his next door neighbour Pokey Minch he goes home and to sleep last on the door knock in Pokey and he can't find his brother Picky he at the meteorite [the police are gone???] and met Buzz-Buzz his look like a dung-beetle after kill starman jr you go to Pokey's House Buzz-Buzz the kill be Pokey's mother but be for his end the give Ness sound stone and up to Ness to save Eagleland with two boys and one girl


Ness is only Mother 2/Earthbound not to have a run ability.

Ness was going to by replaced by Lucas but because of late release of Mother 3/Earthbound 2 ness was put back in to Super Smash Melee.

Don't Care name to Ness is Ness, Alec, Roger, Will, Brian, Tyler, and Lane

Ness is the only Mother character to have his game released out of Japan.

In Mother 2/Earthbound, when Ness enters Magicant, he is naked instead of being in his PJ's.